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What is the proposed new/improved service?
We propose to consolidate the Academic Skills Center, Writing Center, and The Writing Help Desk into the Library Learning Center located at Butler Library on the Buffalo State campus.

Currently the three academic support services are being provided in three different locations across campus. The Academic Skills Center and Writing Center are only available to students with a referral from a professor/instructor, and the Writing Help Desk is open on a limited basis. By combining the three services, placing them in a location central to students, and eliminating the referral process students will be better served.

· reference librarians
· subject librarians
· professors
· work-study students (demonstrated excellence in target area)community volunteers

The Library Learning Center will be located at the Butler Library where the current Writing Help Desk is housed. (I am not familiar with the layout, please advise!)

What will happen here exactly?
As of 2005 all incoming freshman and transfer students will be expected to complete BSC101, a Foundations of Inquiry course. This course aims to teach students the foundations of learning and research. It is our goal to provide the following services to support this course as well as student learning across the campus. (This needs to be reworked, but I feel we should mention the BSC101 initiative.)

-academic, creative, career writing at all levels of experience
-collaborative writing projects
-interactive, student-paced software lessons for mechanics, grammar, and punctuation
-business, humanities, languages, math, science, and statistics
-using databases
-using print resources-the library as part of the research process
(I have this organized in a table. Blogger doesn't cut and paste tables!)

Full implementation to take place Fall 2009
Hours of operation:
· By appointment
· Evenings and Weekends

How? This is where we need to talk more...

I hope this gives some guidance. It is a rough, rough copy to get us started. It needs feedback, so please give some!

jenn rothfuss

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sonoma University

To add to Dan's research, here's some info on the writing center at Sonoma State University in California.

The writing center is located in the information commons on the first floor of the library. The library's circulation and reference desk are on the second floor. The writing center started in 1997 in the library. In 2000, Sonoma built a brand new library and the writing center was on the second floor there. In 2003, they moved to the information commons on the first floor.

The staff work one-on-one with students or in small groups to help them develop writing skills and also offer help to faculty on developing writing instruction. They help students recognize how to build an argument in their papers, teach proper style, and
understand their audience.

The writing center is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and
Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Appointments are not required at the writing center, although they do suggest it as the center is a busy place.

They offer handouts on grammar and syntax; punctuation; process issues and writing strategies; and real world tips (including resume writing). Their website provides links to dictionary and thesauri; grammar, online handbooks and style manuals; other university writing centers; and internet search engines.

Sonoma has initiated The Written English Proficiency Test (WEPT), which is test designed by Sonoma State University that all students must pass in order to graduate. "The two-hour test asks students to write a persuasive article, essay, or letter on a topic of general interest and is scored on the basis of organization, appropriateness of content, clarity and facility of expression, and mechanics." The writing center serves as the WEPT administrative office and provides workshops to help students prepare for the test.

Basic Research

Hey, everyone. Sorry that I haven;t posted this sooner, the internet at my apartment has been really screwed up of late. Anyway, here's what I've found so far, and I 'll be bringing copies to class. - Dan


The Writing Center
323 Ketchum Hall

Walk-in or scheduled appointments Monday through Thursday 10-4; Friday 9-3 Published and distinguished Buffalo State College and community writers assist students with academic, creative and career related writing, at all levels of experience and through all steps in the writing process, from "brainstorm" through final draft. We welcome collaborative writing projects and offer group and individual tutoring, as well as semester long participation with specific classes at the instructor's request. Interactive student-paced software lessons are available in all areas of mechanics and content from grammar and punctuation through content, thesis and MLA/APA citation concerns.

The Writing Center in Ketchum Hall provides writing guidance and assistance to student writers from novice to distinguished skill levels. We assist student writers from across the disciplines in arts and humanities in academic, professional, and creative areas. Another goal is to provide mentoring and professional development to advanced English students through tutoring, workshops, and publication assistance, to initiate future teachers in the teaching of writing and writing to learn, to provide publication coaching and opportunities in a range of literary and written genres, and to share the power of writing, literature and literacy with the Buffalo schools and community through service learning.
Ultimately, the Writing Center aims to foster a broad-based, creative, scholarly, and giving community of writers, scholars and learners at Buffalo State College. The Writing Center is open Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. Appointments and walk-in sessions are available until 4:00 p.m. M-Th, and 3:00 p.m. Fridays.

Academic Skills Center
330 South Wing

Tutoring and workshops by professional tutors, who address questions regarding subjects that include business, humanities, languages, math, science, statistics, and writing, including MLA, APA, Documentation in Essays and Research Papers. Instructors may fill out the Instructor Referral Form (a printable PDF file available on our Web site) and have the student present it to the tutor at their meeting. Visit our office to make an appointment. Information on subjects and schedules available on our website.

The Academic Skills Center, in accordance with the Mission Statement of Buffalo State College, promotes "the intellectual, personal, and professional growth" of our students. It seeks "to inspire a lifelong passion for learning, and to empower a diverse population of students to succeed as citizens of a challenging world." The Academic Skills Center encourages excellence in all Buffalo State students. It provides a dedicated staff of professional tutors who are prepared to assist students in a variety of subjects and enable them to succeed in their academic, individual, and vocational pursuits.
The Academic Skills Center of University College will be a recognized leader in accomplishing the following goals:
• Providing students with the most competent tutors available.
• Supporting students in fulfilling their academic goals in specific subjects and ultimately in their chosen disciplines.
• Increasing student confidence in Buffalo State College as a school that cares about their academic success.
• Tutors of the Academic Skills Center treat every student with respect and consideration.
• Tutors are prepared to answer students’ questions with a genuine concern for their success.
• Tutors strive to instill students with greater understanding of their subject and greater confidence in their coursework.
• Tutors encourage students to achieve academic excellence.

Canisius College:

The Tutoring Center provides a variety of opportunities for students to achieve their own academic success. The services are free-of-charge and open to all Canisius students. Individual Tutoring Services allow students to receive one-on-one academic assistance from peer and adjunct professor tutors. Tutors are available in the majority of academic disciplines and employ various academic strategies to help address individual student needs.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions. SI sessions are regularly-scheduled, informal review sessions in which students compare notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and predict test items. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together. The sessions are facilitated by SI leaders, students who have previously done well in the course and who attend classes, understand the material and act as a guide through the coursework.

Friday: 10am-2pm
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 2pm-10pm
No appointment necessary

The Study Hall Program is open to all students. Study Hall is an opportunity for students to focus on their academic work in a quiet environment where tutors are available to answer questions and provide academic support
Monday & Tuesday:
9am-1pm OM 219;
4pm-10pm OM 314
Wednesday: 9am-11:30am
OM 219
Thursday: 4pm-10pm
OM 314
Friday: 9am-1pm OM 219
Sunday: 2pm-10pm OM 314


At the Writing Center, we guide students through the writing process and provide support for faculty who assign written work. Tutoring sessions encourage students to make informed decisions about their writing. The outcome of tutoring should be that the writer, not necessarily a specific piece of writing, will be changed.
Tutors do not write, re-write, or line edit any portion of a student’s paper. Rather, they assist with pre-writing, drafting, researching, revising, and editing. Most importantly, the Center aims to build students’ confidence and improve their writing skills.

Inside Integrated Learning Center, 4-258
phone: 262-1556
Mon. 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tues., Wed., Thurs. 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Fri. 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
(Hours may vary)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Buffalo State Annual Report

Hi Folks!
For my Demographics Study I found a link to Buffalo State's Annual Report, which may be useful to others in this preliminary stage.
Annual Report

I have a few other notes I jotted down which I will post later on tonight.
- Janet

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beginning the Project

I have begun to look at the mission statements of both the library at Buffalo State and Buff State itself. I will take a look at the current purpose of the writing center as well as the tutoring options and flesh something out for next Tuesday. Keep me in mind for marketing. There are a plethora of opportunities as this piece is not highlighted very well and holds much potential. See you guys!

Here are the links for the writing center and tutoring:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I did not receive Eugene's email address. I guessed from the roster what it was, but if anyone has Eugene's email please let me know.
Welcome to the Academic Librarians Planning Project Blog!