Sunday, March 29, 2009


What is the proposed new/improved service?
We propose to consolidate the Academic Skills Center, Writing Center, and The Writing Help Desk into the Library Learning Center located at Butler Library on the Buffalo State campus.

Currently the three academic support services are being provided in three different locations across campus. The Academic Skills Center and Writing Center are only available to students with a referral from a professor/instructor, and the Writing Help Desk is open on a limited basis. By combining the three services, placing them in a location central to students, and eliminating the referral process students will be better served.

· reference librarians
· subject librarians
· professors
· work-study students (demonstrated excellence in target area)community volunteers

The Library Learning Center will be located at the Butler Library where the current Writing Help Desk is housed. (I am not familiar with the layout, please advise!)

What will happen here exactly?
As of 2005 all incoming freshman and transfer students will be expected to complete BSC101, a Foundations of Inquiry course. This course aims to teach students the foundations of learning and research. It is our goal to provide the following services to support this course as well as student learning across the campus. (This needs to be reworked, but I feel we should mention the BSC101 initiative.)

-academic, creative, career writing at all levels of experience
-collaborative writing projects
-interactive, student-paced software lessons for mechanics, grammar, and punctuation
-business, humanities, languages, math, science, and statistics
-using databases
-using print resources-the library as part of the research process
(I have this organized in a table. Blogger doesn't cut and paste tables!)

Full implementation to take place Fall 2009
Hours of operation:
· By appointment
· Evenings and Weekends

How? This is where we need to talk more...

I hope this gives some guidance. It is a rough, rough copy to get us started. It needs feedback, so please give some!

jenn rothfuss

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  1. Thank you Jenn and Kalil SO much for all of your effort! It's a good start, and it simply will need some fine tuning. I hope you found my comments helpful...

    Also, if you look at some of the market research gathered by Dan (see his blog posting), you can find some additional "language" that might be useful... Other colleges have the same type of centers, so it's great to use them as models...