Monday, April 6, 2009

compatibility with library and college's mission statement

Hi everyone,

I created a draft this weekend for the LLC's compatibility with Buff State's and the Butler Library's mission statements.

Buffalo State College’s goal “is to inspire a lifelong passion for learning, and to empower a diverse population of students to succeed as citizens of a challenging world...the college is dedicated to excellence in teaching and scholarship...and service.” In realization of this goal, the Library Learning Center is dedicated to assisting students, of any discipline, as they address academic questions and move through the writing process. Whether students are studying for class, creating writing for academic or personal purposes, or have questions about research skills, the Library Learning Center guides students towards excellence in their coursework. The Center works in collaboration with the E.H. Butler Library, which is “dedicated to supporting the scholarship, research, and creativity” of the Buffalo State College student population.

The Library Learning Center provides one-on-one or small group instruction to students during walk-in hours or scheduled appointments. It is staffed by Buffalo State professors, librarians, work-study students, and local volunteers who have demonstrated excellence and experience in academic instruction and writing. Tutoring is provided on many different disciplines. Writing instruction is offered on topics such as annotation styles; grammar, syntax, and punctuation; thesis identification and creation; understanding a paper’s audience; and critical thinking and research skills. Interactive, student-paced software lessons on mechanics and grammar are available. Collaborative writing projects are also welcome. By fostering students’ confidence, the Library Learning Center promotes “the intellectual, personal, and professional growth” of Buffalo State College students and seeks “to inspire a lifelong passion for learning.”

This opportunity is sustainable due to 2005 requirement that all incoming freshmen and transfer students complete Foundations of Inquiry (BSC 101). Course objectives for this class include critical thinking and research skills that utilize library resources and the internet. The Library Learning Center seeks to assist students in utilizing the library as an integral part of the research and writing process.

I hope this is on the right track :-)



  1. One minor thing: Besides "assisting students, of any discipline," it would be important to note something like "at any point in their education." This would indicate it would include all undergraduate students (i.e. freshman, sophomores, etc.) and all graduate students.

    Given our modifications of the service in relation to duplicated librarian functions, parts of your section will be deleted or modified accordingly (again, very minor).

    Besides relating to the college's mission, is it important to include a relation to the information commons'/library's mission too? Just wondering...


  2. Go ahead and omit librarians from the staffing piece. Students will get redirected if their question directly relates to anything having to do with location of materials etc...