Friday, April 24, 2009

Service Positioning

Here's a rough draft of what I have so far. I'll work on it some more this weekend before sending it on to Dan Saturday night. Comment if you notice anything glaring I left out.

Through our reading of the mission and goals of Buffalo State College and our realization that the E. H. Butler Library could become the intellectual center of the College community, we have decided to centralize the services of three previously separate help centers, namely, the Academic Skills Center, the Writing Center and the Writing Help Desk. By consolidating these services into a single Library Learning Center, we will be able to achieve a level of service which was previously unattained.

The services offered at the Library Learning Center will be freely available to all students of Buffalo State College. Students will be able to either walk in at any time during operating hours. It will also be possible for students to make appointments with staff members. Appointments will be preferred for students who need extensive help. It will also be advisable to have an appointment during peak periods, such as at the end of the semester, to ensure that the individual does not have to wait a long time for help. For those without an appointment services will be offered on a first-come first-served basis. The services offered and the hours of operation will be advertised to the student body through the promotional methods previously described.

As the Library Learning Center will be a private resource for students of Buffalo State College it will have an advantage over other tutoring services in its marketplace. Students, having paid tuition and comprehensive fees, will be able to visit the Center as often as they need to, without being charged additional fees, over the course of their studies at the College. The fact that this service is free to use, means that it will have a distinct advantage over other tutoring services which can be quite expensive. In addition, having graduate students, exceptional undergraduate students and even professors working at the Center will ensure that the students who make use of the services offered receive high quality instruction. This level of instruction will not be matched by many competitors.

Due to the centralization and consolidation of the services offered by the Academic Skills Center, the Writing Center and the Writing Help Desk into the Library Learning Center, the E.H. Butler Library will be able to offer high quality service to the student body of Buffalo State College. By offering free services only to students the Library Learning Center will ensure that students consider the Center the first and only stop for their tutoring needs. Also, the high quality of instruction will keep students engaged and will prove beneficial to the point that students will not need to rely on other paid services in addition to the Center.