Friday, April 24, 2009

Group evaluation

Laura and I drafted this narrative--if there is a mistake, I apologize. Please let me know and I will correct it. I wrote in the details according to the Excel spreadsheet. --Amy

In approaching this project, the first step our group took was to share our strengths and past experiences with one another to ensure that we were able to produce the highest quality of work possible. Each member of the group identified an area of the project they were interested in working on and we volunteered for sections of the market plan.

We chose Eugene to be our group leader as he immediately displayed the skills needed to effectively run group meetings and organize tasks. He sent out weekly emails after our Tuesday meetings with notes to update everyone on decisions and inform those who were absent of group progress.

Dan and Laura did preliminary market research (#1) on other universities that have similar learning centers to the one we are proposing for Buffalo State College. They also researched the current services at Buffalo State to determine possible improvements.

Jennifer and Khalil created the opportunity identification and selection (#2 & 3) which received feedback from all group members before being finalized.

Amy reviewed the college’s mission statement (#4) and discussed the ways in which the new learning resource center would achieve Buffalo State’s goals in addition to running the opportunity through a futures lens.

Janet researched the college community to determine the target market (#5) while Laura identified the general service goals of the proposed learning center (#6).

The detailed service description and plan of action (#7) was drafted by Jennifer and Khalil and then reviewed by all group members.

User costs (#8) were examined by John A. with collaboration from John M.

Aindrea identified potential competitors (#9) by identifying other tutoring services in the area.

The promotional plan (#10) was created by Janet and Caitlin.

Nick drafted the service positioning (#11) while John M. created the budget (#12) which was reviewed by John A.

Eugene created the quantifiable goals section (#13).

Although each member of the group was responsible for a section, all members reviewed each others’ drafts and offered feedback to the author.

Dan was responsible for compiling the components and editing the final draft of the plan. Amy and Laura worked collaboratively to develop this narrative.


  1. Promotional plan was created as a team effort between Aindrea, Janet, Caitlin, and Jen.

  2. Thank you--I'll update that!

  3. Nice job!! Looks good to me...

  4. Actually, you have parts 8 and 12 backwards. John M. did part 8, while John A. did part 12.