Friday, April 24, 2009


Sorry this is posted so late, but if any of you have some time to look over it in the next few days and offer some feedback, I'd appreciate it. Let me know if there is something the should be included and I've missed or something you think if off track from what we want to accomplish. Thanks. Laura

The goal of our proposed plan is to bring awareness of the various help services available to students and increase student usage. With the three support services spread out throughout the campus, they are underutilized, as many students may not be aware they are available. The library is where students go when writing a paper or completing an assignment. If the academic help center and the writing center are made visible in one centralized location within the library, students will become aware of their presence and the ways they can help them develop their thoughts and improve the quality of work. Furthermore, having these services available in the same location as the students are doing their research and writing makes it easy and convenient to utilize the services.

Secondly, we aim to increase the number of students reached by eliminating the referral policy currently in place at the Academic Skills Center. We believe students should be able to receive tutoring assistance whenever they need it. By eliminating this referral policy, students will be able to receive immediate assistance on assignments without having to go through their instructors.

Thirdly, we aim to create an understanding amongst students of the importance of writing skills to their larger academic and career success. By receiving the assistance of the Learning Center, the quality of student work will improve and students will have more success in their classes. In this way, they will begin to see that the skills developed by visiting the Learning Center will benefit them as they progress through their academic careers.

All of these together will help us achieve our over-arching goal of enhancing student learning. Providing assistance in the writing process will increase student confidence in abilities as they see their skills begin to improve.


  1. I like it...! The second goal, especially, is worded very it!